Stella Dechen y Alexander Khawa

Stella Dechen nació el 14 de enero de 2011, Alexander Khawa nació el 9 de enero de 2013 ambos provienen de una mezcla peculiar entre Islandia, España y el Tíbet.
Mami y Papi intentarán ir recopilando anecdotas de nuestra vida aqui y allá....

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello to everybody!
We are a mixed couple, I´m half icelandic-spanish and my husband is tibetan, 5 months ago our little baby was born. We moved to Iceland because we thought that a nordic country offers you more opportunities and is easy to live with a baby. Iceland is a very pure place, clean, we love to live here but sometimes is hard because of the weather :)
In any case we eould love to meet couples like us, nowadays everything is a mixed of a mixed....
Where is your baby from?

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  1. Será un bebé del mundo, que es lo más bonito.